Join a Community Choir

Find somewhere local or online

There are heaps of community choirs here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and increasingly we're able to participate in online singing that is being offered by song leaders from home and abroad.

Some choirs specialise by genre - Gospel music, for instance - and others sing a broad range from show tunes to multicultural world music.

Some things to think about when considering joining a choir:
Where is it held, and what day/time?
What sort of music do they sing?
Do they perform often, and is this the sort of thing I want to do?
Can I try it out for one or two sessions to see if I like it?
How much does it cost?
Who is/are the musical director(s)?
How do I decide which voice part to sing?

I am happy to talk  these things through with you, and to recommend community choirs that I know of throughout the country, also online offerings from near and far.


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