Good Trouble

New Songs for Social Justice

Saturday 4th September 10am – 4pm Garden Room, St Peters on Willis, Wellington

A workshop sharing the very latest in original songs written for community choirs by US song leaders. Drawing on a substantial body of new work responding to the Black Lives Matter and intersectional social justice movements, I’ve selected songs that need to be sung right here and right now: songs by African American writers; songs for justice and equity; songs that are easy to learn by ear and travel out into the world through voices and hearts.

Why "Good Trouble"? The late Civil Rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis used this term in describing how he was inspired by meeting Martin Luther King: "And I got in the way, I got in trouble — good trouble, necessary trouble.” Read more in the article Artists Reflect on What It Means to Make Good Trouble.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to explore anti-racism and cultural honouring through song. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a seasoned community choir singer or never done anything like this before. Raise your voice and your spirits and join with us to make some “Good Trouble”. If we’re not friends already, we will be by the end of the day!

Cost: $60

Your registration costs include a financial contribution to the artists who’ve written these songs, and I’ll be donating a portion of my income from this workshop to JustSpeak:


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