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This is the home of the Black Lives Matter Commissioning project (UK/US). This page is hosted by If you'd like to participate in one of Carol's workshops or projects, please click on the link below, or select from the main menu for this site.

About this project

Fran André (UK choir leader and project co-ordinator), Kathy Bullock (US African American Music Specialist) and Siân Croose (UK choir leader and project consultant) are the steering group for this innovative song-commissioning project.

The idea for this project has come out of discussions that are taking place within the singing leading community as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Individual singers and whole choirs are invited to support this project. Our plan is to commission 8 black composers, 4 UK-based/4 US-based, to write 1 song each for choirs/singing groups in the NVN. We will work with the composers to ensure that the songs written are learnable by ear, so they will be designed to be perfect for community choirs to sing.

Here's our Why

As you may well know, so much black music has been appropriated, bought and sold with composers and performing artists not receiving proper remuneration and credit over the centuries. By asking singers and supportive patrons to make a direct contribution to creating these songs our aim to highlight this issue, and do something practical and creative that raises our awareness of these transactions, and that they are long overdue. A big element of this project is that funds come from normal people, like you! You may be a choir singer past or present, or simply someone wanting to support black music and culture creation. It's so important to us that this is a grassroots project with the songs being commissioned from donations from members of the public like yourself. A big part of the focus of this project is economic, acknowledging and attempting to engage in a small but hopefully meaningful way with the economics of racism and inequality in music.

Please support this project as generously as you can - and pay both back and forward to support black culture creation through song.

How to get involved

Please do support this project generously, and feel the warm glow of being part of creating beautiful songs, and doing your part to support black artists be fully respected and honoured for their work.

If you are a song leader or choir administrator who would like to sign up your whole choir for this project, please contact the co-ordinator using the button below.

If you are a musician, workshop facilitator or independent practitioner who would like to support the project in order to have teaching rights to the songs, please also contact the co-ordinator.

If you are a choir member or other good sort who would like to support the project on an individual basis, you can donate on our Go Fund Me page, link below.

Composer Lea Morris (US)

Composer Lea Morris (US)

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